Dealing With Acne As A Teen

We’ve all been there – that awkward phase when puberty strikes and you are too old to be considered a kid and too young to be considered an adult. Puberty is a vulnerable time for a lot of youngsters and, unfortunately, it can also be the time when Mother Nature is cruelest. Not only does hair starting sprouting out everywhere, but acne can become a real problem. To know more about acne, read this.

Puberty is also the time when we become aware of the other sex. We are still forming our own identities and lack the self-confidence necessary to be “different”. Acne can seem like the end of the world at an age where looks are seen as more and more important.

What can you do for the teenage acne sufferer? The first thing to remember is that you need to be sensitive to them – this is a real social problem for them and they may find it extremely embarrassing. Acknowledge their feelings and work with them on ways to build up their self-esteem so that the acne becomes less of an issue in their lives.

Check into over the counter remedies and encourage your child to cleanse and moisturize the affected area twice a day. Look for products that are non-comedogenic as these will not block the pores. Acne sufferers tend to avoid moisturizers because they are worried about making the problem worse but the right problem will improve the overall health of the skin.

Do some research into the products that your child is putting onto their face. Girls especially feel very self-conscious about acne and may be tempted to pile on layers of concealer. This is a very bad move and will make the problem a lot worse. If your daughter feels that she needs to wear makeup, buy a brand that is formulated for acne sufferers – formulations that are oily or greasy need to be avoided completely, light makeup is a far better option.

Make sure that your child follows a healthy, low GI diet and drinks plenty of water. A minimum of 8 glasses of water a day is recommended for optimum health. The water helps to flush out toxins and this helps to keep the skin clearer. Should your teen not like the taste of water alone, try adding some lemon juice or some sliced up strawberries or maybe some mint and cucumber. The main thing here is to keep clear of sugar-filled sodas and junk food.